Women’s Circle Work

Safe Danger: Women Leading From The Heart

Safe Danger will be a two year journey of exploration whose purpose is to help women understand the process of their own individual development while deepening and supporting community life.

The ability to be both self-differentiated and relational is the fundamental strength of feminine leadership.

Feeling part of a healthy Circle that welcomes diversity and disagreement can become a bridge to mutual understanding and unconditional regard between us.

Circle work offers a strong, time tested learning opportunity for women to develop our leadership abilities by first learning to lead ourselves in a safe and challenging environment that supports the deepening of our personal journey.

This work is focused on growth and support in a well boundaried climate of trust and accountability. Self-awareness and self-knowledge help us to recognize signs of imbalance in our bodies and our lives. Self-management skills increase our ability to be in our authority and power as women and human beings.

The Mission of Safe Danger

This form of Circle work is about bringing ourselves into our full competence and authority in our personal lives and our work in the world.

Our work is to find our particular leadership style and abilities by learning how to lead ourselves, first. Our astrological birth chart becomes our guide to our many differences and similarities.

The ability to be both self-differentiated and relational is the fundamental strength of this Feminist Leadership Model.

This form of leadership is informed by the combined intelligence of our bodies, hearts, minds and intuitive knowing. It is based upon the principle that leadership emerges from the inner work we do, and that we cannot influence change that we have not embodied ourselves.

Our Sessions

We follow a dynamic relational process theory through a full Circle of 8 sessions. The learning is practical, powerful and transferable to daily life.

Some outcomes for you might be:

  • A deeper trust in your own gifts.
  • An opportunity to be your authentic self without praise or blame.
  • Increased personal presence and ability to speak and be heard.
  • A stronger awareness of how perception, prejudice and projection work.
  • Experience with your power and competence, healthy competition ad collaboration.
  • Learning to skillfully deal with conflict.
  • An awareness of the patterns of use and abuse of power and developing power equity in the Circle and the extended community.
  • Increased understanding of the dynamics of overt and covert misogyny.
  • Support, ally, and collaborate with each other.
  • Skill to deal with visible and invisible differences in the Circle.
  • The development of healing interventions and strategies for the Circles you live in.
  • Experience in coming into right relationship with your body wisdom.
  • Commitment to lead yourself, with others, toward a more benevolent and compassionate life in and out of the Circle.

Our work is to find our voices and to speak them as contemporary women, connected to the wisdom of the ages. Circle work is the work of understanding the process of our own individual development while deepening and supporting community life. The ability to be both self-differentiated and relational is the fundamental strength of feminine leadership.

Who should attend:

Safe Danger is for women from all walks of life and areas of work. Whether you are new to this kind of work, already deeply committed or somewhere in between, you are welcome.

If you know someone who you think would be interested please contact me by email or phone (847-830-1765).

I will be glad to make some time to talk with you to help you decide if this could be a right move for your growth.

I come to this work from my heart and my soul.

Throughout my life’s work these last 45+ years, I have been involved in the work of leadership development for women and the continuing development of a female identified group dynamics theory. I am dedicated to developing and advancing a new vision for women’s leadership so that it can be understood, taught and experienced to help solve challenging issues of our time.

I have also lived a long time now, trying to listen to my own lectures.

Safe Danger is my offering, and my legacy.

The Details: Your Investment of Time and Money

Joining Safe Danger is a sacred commitment. Each woman’s presence adds to the riches and the collective force of the whole. I believe that by joining Safe Danger you are stepping into a powerful container of support and moving toward changing your life.

Please know that space is limited. I host the Circle at my home in Madison, Wisconsin. Overnight Accommodations are currently at the DoubleTree by Hilton East at 4402 E. Washington Ave, Madison, WI. There are many other great hotels to choose from.


We meet for 8 weekend sessions over an 24 month period
Saturday – 9:30am through 5:30pm
Sunday – 9:30am through 1:30pm.


The tuition cost is $300.00 per weekend session which can be paid by check, cash or credit card.

I am proud of having developed a learning experience for women which I believe meets the times and still has a thread into our deep history. I don’t know of anything that has had a more profound impact on me than sitting in Circle with other women.

There is magic in it.

If this invitation brings you some energy, gives you shivers or inspires you with your own knowings, please, reach out to me and join us.


Circle U . is an emerging organization dedicated to developing curriculum and training in the arts and principles of relational, collaborative, non-hierarchical models of learning, living and working.

This model is focused on female-based relational-collaborative leadership and individual development.

In our work and offerings there is particular emphasis on 1.) leadership competencies for women who lead in many places including families and the community 2.) woman to woman relationship dynamics 3.) all female based models of group development 4.) integration of body, mind and spirit 5.) power equity and the valuing of differences.

This collaboration involves the development of workshops, retreats, learning/teaching seminars and continuing Circle work.

There is no time to waste. The world needs what women can do.



Contact Marilyn for more information about the services she provides or to request an appointment.
We look forward to hearing from you!