Evolutionary Astrology

Dear Fellow Traveler:

Who are you? What is your life asking of you?

I have a strong belief that unless something is of use in the real world, I am not interested. That’s why I have studied astrology, because I believe it works.

Evolutionary Astrology (according to Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green) can be recognized by a devotion to the following core perceptions:

  • An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.
  • An acceptance of the fact that the birth-chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the soul at the moment of incarnation.
  • An acceptance of the fact that the birth-­chart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life.
  • An acceptance of the fact that the circumstances of the present life, both materially and psychologically, do not arise randomly, but rather reflect the evolutionary intentions and necessities of the soul.
  • An acceptance of the fact that human beings interact creatively and unpredictably with their birth-­charts; that all astrological symbols are multi-­dimensional and are modulated into material and psychic expression by the consciousness of the individual.
  • An acceptance of the fact that human beings are responsible for the realities they experience, both internally and externally.
  • A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, no matter the evolutionary state in which such an individual finds himself or herself.
To me there is nothing more spiritual than believing that the living Universe is having a conversation with us. The moment we took our first breath is recorded in our astrological chart, showing the relationships between the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets. Evolutionary Astrology integrates ancient metaphysics and modern psychology.

The symbols of the Natal Chart speak clearly and challengingly of your personality and how your soul is using that to achieve its higher evolutionary aim. There is no pathologizing in this view. Freedom and choice dominate this lens. Your life is in your hands. A natal astrological chart reading offers a map of our particular energetic, archetypal wiring.

As the astrologer I bring the knowledge and experience of chart interpretation. As the client you bring your biography, family structures, culture background and ancestral heritage. This dialog becomes the reading.

Possible insights that can come from this exchange:

  • An overview perspective on our lives, developing an ability to stand back from the drama of the present moment.
  • Understanding of how planetary cycles are moving in our lives and psyches and how to respond skillfully to this conversation.
  • Balancing the understanding of the gifts given and the challenges offered inherent in our birth chart as a means to our
    evolutionary development.
  • Understanding and accepting the principles of elegant differences and how those make us who we are.
  • Leaning to engage in our relationships with a fuller awareness of uniqueness.

A session is 1.5 hours. The cost is $185.00 for chart readings. Pre-payment is requested. Cash, credit card or checks are accepted.


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