My dearest friends I will tell you a truth about me…I am NOT a group person! Having said that, I must tell you that the most profound, exquisite, life changing moments of my life have occurred in Circles of Women like the ones Marilyn leads. The work of “becoming” is lifelong and full of peaks, valleys and long stretches of endless plains. The wealth of knowledge, wisdom, delight, pain, insights, anguish, learning, connection, competence, and community I have experienced in such groups, has enriched my life beyond measure. If I had one gift to give to my children, it would be to be held and loved, as who they are, within the sustaining and unconditionally valuing arms of such a group of Women, as they journey through their own lives.

Sending love and light and holding of my own for all the courageous women who CHOOSE to join This Circle of Women.

Gwen Whiting

Having known Marilyn’s work for over a decade now, I feel confident in saying that a woman who goes to study with her will have a moving and fruitful learning experience. Marilyn’s strong teaching skills, her very clear understanding of the necessity of good boundaries, her passionate spirit and her deep integrity will come together in her programs and individual work with women and groups.
Alexandra Merrill, St. George, ME

In providing my services, I have seen a range of women who have worked with Marilyn – from those who have just started to those who have completed their work with her. From the start women are delighted with the tools Marilyn offers. But more so I hear about her refreshing strength, honesty and humor. Women who have completed their work radiate with confidence, clarity and profound beauty that comes from finding and knowing their true selves.

Marilyn is strong and tough, yet loving and kind. With the strength of the divine feminine she will hold your space and give you unique tools while you find your way to your truth. If you just want to tell your story and have someone support you, you can go many places. But, when you are ready to find your true self and be all that you can be, Marilyn is the person to work with. I cannot recommend her more.

Lisa Decatorsmith, L.Ac.

Healing Traditions of Barrington

I have worked with Marilyn for over two years now, both individually and as part of a Women’s Circle. Marilyn is smart, compassionate, empathic and challenging! Because of her, I have grown and changed in ways I never expected. The incorporation of astrology into psychological work was new for me, and deepened my understanding of myself and my patterns. I will be forever grateful for Marilyn’s expertise and care. Working with her has been a wonderfully transformative experience.
Nancy Dolan, Barrington, IL

As someone who works in the field of mental health, I was looking for a therapist who could work through my attempts to evade the real and difficult work of healing, see me for who I truly am, and help me to understand my path without pathologizing my struggles along it. Marilyn has been that godsend to me. Given my cognitive-behavioral background, I was initially cautiously curious of her astrology lens through which she practices. Through meeting with Marilyn and discussing my charts, I have begun to see how what I formerly viewed as opposing and perhaps divisive aspects of my own being not only fit together, but also serve one another if given balance and due respect. This has been one of the many blessings from her knowledge of astrology in her practice. I’m in the process of healing and I have Marilyn to thank and honor. My gratitude for her is boundless.
Elizabeth Kroster

My experience during and since my Natal chart reading done by Marilyn Dam-Rabolt. From the moment I scheduled my reading, I intuited that Marilyn was incredibly professional and extremely passionate about her work! Once at my scheduled appointment, it immediately became apparent that Marilyn had spent a good deal of time preparing for our session that was about my chart. Marilyn’s reading was empowering, positive, straight on accurate. I felt She made me feel that I have great significance and value which is a true and everlasting gift. My reading was so specific , I felt a huge connection to Marilyn’s interpretation for my chart! Her gift is one of vast knowledge, empowerment and great love. I felt the entire time that I was being given a wealth of tools with neutrality and great encouragement! It was extremely obvious that this is her life’s work and passion, I am forever grateful to travel this path. I feel validated in my own life journey, my career and relationships, I look forward to my next chart ! Feeling empowered and grateful!
Betty Jarvi

Chapel Hill Bodyworks, McHenry, IL

Fortunately, I was introduced to Marilyn at, “Bowing to the Moon, understanding your heart” workshop in 2011. Four years later, I found myself in need of Marilyn’s help during an extremely difficult time in my life. She managed to guide me through the cycles of grief, emotions and discoveries with counseling that is richly enhanced by astrology. I truly believe that we are so complex and using several different tools to find better understanding is essential. Marilyn’s knowledge, honesty, wisdom and charts provide the most complete explanation of myself and the work I need to do to be balanced. For this, I am forever grateful to her.
Darlene DeNicole, Lake in the Hills, IL

With kindness and compassion, Marilyn guides me to places I don’t want to go, but know I must. And the she sits with me in those places until they feel safe. Her astrological perspective, has helped me to understand where I come from and how to move forward in a way that is true to my soul.
Petra Schindler, Crystal Lake, IL

Marilyn guided me in resolution of long standing emotional trauma related to divorce, loss of parents, holding teens responsible during their years transitioning to adulthood. Marilyn was critical to growing my understanding of personal responsibility versus responsibility of others to me. Personal growth through self awareness. Circle work has allowed me to acknowledge and share the deep truths of my being and my life experiences. In circle we hold a place for others, committed to trusting and feeling that trust from other woman. We are safe to “bare our souls”.
Peggy B.

I lost myself. Somewhere along the way…along the path to adulthood and parenthood…I lost myself. I had forged various destructive ways to cope with life, and stress and loss. Pieces of me littered the roadside. Things looked good on the outside. I had everything I could ask for. But I felt like an impostor in my own skin. I could not fit myself into the pretty box in which I had chosen to live. I struggled and I studied and I talked for years. Then I experienced a loss that no parent should ever have to endure. And I shattered into a million pieces. I struggled and studies and talked for several more years. And my mentor, my therapist, my dear friend, Marilyn, helped me find myself again. Together, we have fit the broken pieces of myself back together in a whole new way. It looks quite different than it did before. A bit oddly shaped with rough edges. But beautiful just the same. I will be forever grateful. Forever and ever.
Tina Kranz, Johnsburg, IL

Marilyn has a knack for challenging me in a way that moves me forward, demands I access my best thinking, feeling and observing… and ultimately leads me to the next place I need to be in order to keep mastering my lessons. It is a delightful journey with her assistance!
L. G., Barrington, IL

The magic of working with Marilyn Dam-Rabolt is in her ability to create sacred space; physically, emotionally and spiritually; and in her commitment to truth telling even when it’s risky.

I am moved by her ability to deeply listen to those around her honoring and respecting differences.

Working with Marilyn has been and continues to be a true gift in my life.

Shellie Willet-Kuchko Psy.D, LaGrange, IL

I love my sister Circle. In such a short time, I have learned so much. Listening with my heart to the stories of struggle and triumph that my Circle sisters share has enriched my life. Marilyn has a passion to teach women how to be fully alive and skillful with our lives. And to do this not just for ourselves but for all the generations that will follow us. I have joy in my life and I have courage because of what I have experienced through the wisdom and compassion of Marilyn Dam-Rabolt. With deep appreciation,
Gail Myers, Woodstock, IL

Marilyn’s wisdom and guidance has given me the strength to tap into parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. By becoming aware of these “parts” and dealing with the sadness and pain that they carried I’ve been able to now live my life as a more mature, much stronger self-aware adult woman. I will be forever grateful to Marilyn for guiding me on a path that helped me to become a much more self-confident, happy human being. Thank you, Marilyn.
Carol Ann Jeffers, Crystal Lake, IL

Marilyn saved my life.
Barb R., Cary, IL

I’ve known Marilyn for over seven years and she is one of the kindest yet strongest woman I have ever known. She teaches women to be at each others backs instead of each others throats. Individually, I feel she holds me close to her heart and I feel safe. Marilyn has helped me finally find my voice.


Ruth Nelson, Lake Geneva, WI

Fifteen years ago I met a Mystic. Although she would hate it if I called her that.

She wasn’t what I would have easily identified as one at the time, according to my limited perception of what I thought one would be. She wore no ornate decorated flowing robe, didn’t have a crystal ball as far as I could see, her face was kind, inquisitive and at times her eyes were fiery and fierce.

No, there was no evidence of any of this, none that my analytical mind could dissect, try as I might.

It was what she did that completely caught me off guard; threw me off balance, off my game,
pulled the rug right out from underneath me.

This Woman looked into my very Soul. And, for the first time in 34 years of feeling alone, I had the acute sense that someone cared enough to finally see me and beckon me one small step at a time, to come out of my self-torturous, self-imposed exile.

Over the next 15 years while we worked together in collaboration, peeling away layer by layer the armor of self-delusion, I came to understand and experience myself in an entirely new way, I became Authentic.

Through gentle yet strong individual guidance and engaging in Circle work, I have learned what it truly means to have another Woman at my back. I have received Unconditional Support, Truth (although sometimes hard to hear), Wisdom, Laughter, Respect, Hugs, and a great deal of Love. Marilyn’s wisdom, integrity, and true passion for this Work is a gift to our World.

Fifteen years ago I met a Mystic. Through Marilyn’s Living I have become my own.

Aimee O’Donnell RN BSN, Madison, Wisconsin

So very thankful to be one who will gather as a part of this particular Safe Danger Circle. I have changed my life with this work, and deeply hope to pass on the gift of my learning and my experiences there to others in my lifetime.
Sarah Werhane

I’ve had the privilege of sitting in Circle led by Marilyn and it was deeply transformational. I learned so much about myself as well as the subtle and powerful dynamics between women. The Circle work helps us break down barriers to wholeness—of self and community. The work guides women to find and strengthen our voices and also deepen into active listening and holding space for one another’s growth. Circle work is about healing and making whole—when we heal and stake claim to our wholeness, it has a profound ripple effect. When we heal ourselves, we are healing the earth.

I’m so deeply grateful to Marilyn for her leadership in my life. I’m also grateful to the other women in the circle for showing up courageously in their naked truths, allowing themselves to be seen.

Jessie Crow-Mermal

Marilyn and I met as two curious and experienced women in a large circle of women over a decade ago and WOW how my life has changed. She is strikingly electric in so many ways and I knew she would be my constant source of love, joy, abundance, health and wholeness as a dear friend, co-facilitator, co-consultant, co-designer and always a reminder of how to live life fully. I am deeply indebted to Marilyn for her spiritual and astrological counsel and her intense integrity, which helps to place me at the core of my being as yet another Wise Woman on this life journey. I am forever grateful for her gifts to me and to all that are blessed to be in her Circle.
Bea Young

Founder, Bea Young Associates, LLC: Collaboration for Educational Equity

After more than 7 years, I STILL hadn’t gotten over my divorce, so I’d made an appointment with Marilyn to “see what she could do.” After just a few sessions, I didn’t feel like tearing into my ex and wallowing in all the “wrong” that had been done to me. Since those first sessions – less than a year ago – I’ve gone back to school for culinary, earned my Baker’s Assistant certificate and am now cooking meals and baking for people who actually PAY me! What a difference Marilyn has made in my life, like it has FINALLY begun.
Sue Resnik, Woodstock, IL

Working with a Women’s Circle has helped me gain a deeper understanding of not only how I navigate my own life but also how my experiences are often times shared by other women. Hearing their stories, sharing their lives, and being pushed to consider my own privileges and biases has fostered a deeper knowing in myself and my place in the world. This growth has been far deeper than what I was ever able to accomplish on my own and/or with a therapist.

In my work with Marilyn, I have learned how to use the astrology lens as a way to appreciate and understand difference. Using my chart, and that of my husband and children, has affirmed my inner knowing of each of us as well as given me information that I have used to strengthen my relationship with each. This has been such a gift as I more clearly see what each person needs and wants.

Mary Perkins, Woodstock, IL

Working with Marilyn has given me the perspective I need to regain my sense of Self(s). I had spent years spinning around in a fog of what I thought was me, pretending I had a handle on everything from my mastectomy to growing old. Working through the lens of my multifaceted astrological chart, Marilyn has guided me toward an understanding of the wounds I have suffered, which has given me the strength to be fully honest with myself and my spouse and to finally tap into my messy emotions instead of ignoring them under the mask of “being strong”. I am becoming Woman everyday and am thankful for Marilyn’s gentle, yet no bull, sense of humor and wisdom is she challenges me to continue the journey.
Kylene Gott

Marilyn Dam-Rabolt is a caring and powerful advocate for women – a passion she lives in every cell of her body. She lives her life passionately in pursuit of knowledge and in the service of developing women’s wisdom – one woman at a time. In the 20 years of relationship with Marilyn, I have been honored to watch a woman grow into her own skin and then use every ounce of herself to pursue the development of her own and other women’s voice, truth and profound knowing.
Gwen Whiting R.N., M.S.

Advanced Practice Nurse Specialist

Before I started seeing Marilyn, I was skeptical of Astrology. I didn’t believe it had any place in my life. At our first appointment, along with therapy, she shared accurate facts and characteristics about myself that no one would ever know but me. I quickly abandoned my skepticism and wanted to know more! By blending her wisdom and deep knowledge of therapy, and Evolutionary Astrology, she has helped me make profound life changes.

A friend asked me, “How well do you know yourself?” She explained that she was forming a Circle along with Marilyn and would I like to join and find out the answer? I did join, and I can honestly say, Circle has not only assisted me in knowing myself, but has helped me create close and honest relationships with every woman in it. It has deepened every relationship outside of Circle too. I am very grateful to be a part of Circle and encourage others to consider it too. It is truly a gift! I am forever grateful for all of this.

Leah Emery Kramer, Lake Barrington, IL

Talking with someone who has extensive knowledge and expertise in astrology and therapy has given me a different perspective and understanding of myself and others. It’s amazing how pieces of a puzzle will fall into place after looking at it through this combined lens. Being a member of a Circle can be scary, stressful, exhilarating, terrifying, humorous, heartfelt, educational, stirring, stretching…it’s a unique experience. I feel fortunate to be a part of one!
Pamela Budd, Cary, IL

Marilyn is an incredible kind and caring therapist who can hold safe space that strongly supports me as I do my personal work. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and healing working with Marilyn due to her breath and depth of experience and expertise. Her astrological lens and skill in energy psychology has helped me better understand and quickly move forward and effectively navigate my life. I have been utterly amazed at the insights astrology has provided. Circle work has helped me heal wounds I have not been able to heal with years of therapy and has helped me understand and trust other women in unexpected and deeply healing ways.
Theresa Donohue, Cary, IL

I started seeing Marilyn a little over three years ago. I had experienced a serious car accident, and I hoped she could help me connect with the psychological trauma I was sure was still trapped in my body. Instead, almost immediately, we started to focus on my chart and how I was not living in alignment with what it indicated I had intended for this lifetime. She was able to put the car accident in the context of my chart, and holding its meaning that way has helped me to re-frame the accident as a mostly positive experience, in the big scheme of things. It woke me up, and Marilyn has helped me to look around with new eyes at how I had been living for so long and make choices to change some of it. Seeing things in the context of my astrological chart has helped me to accept and even celebrate parts of myself that I have long held as negatives. I am ever-grateful for Marilyn’s wisdom and clarity. She supports and inspires me to live my truth.
Susan Love

I am utterly blessed to have found Marilyn Dam-Rabolt. Marilyn’s empathy and insight, combined with her wisdom and astrological tools give us/ her clients the courage and strength to heal ourselves. Marilyn’s ability to encourage her clients to look within to realize their potential will have and is having a profound and exponential impact on our universe.
Claire Lemke, Crystal Lake, IL

Working with Marilyn has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. She has taught me how to face many challenges head on and not to be afraid. She has taught me how to live with an open heart, which has changed my life enormously. Marilyn creates such a safe environment that doing intense personal work with her is a lot less scary. She leads with her heart and always acts out of love and respect. She is an excellent teacher and I am grateful to have learned so many valuable lessons from her.
Kris Hayden, Crystal Lake, IL

The words I have to say about Marilyn Dam-Rabolt are very short but plentiful.

I have no idea what ditch I would be in if I hadn’t had her help and guidance as my therapist and mentor.

Beverly Kirby, Barrington, IL

Marilyn helped me get my power back and find my voice. She is the role model that I needed to make the changes in me. She has given me courage. I trust and love her so much .
Maureen Prettyman, Barrington, IL


Find the courage to give yourself the “gift” of time with Marilyn Dam-Rabolt, time so that your spirit can rest and find healing… a place that encourages you to listen to your own voice, and reclaim the peace that awaits you.

Marilyn Dam-Rabolt is a woman who lovingly sits… yet gently encourages you to heal; so that you can claim your ability to accompany others as they work towards their own healing/wholeness.

Christin Kruse, Crystal Lake, IL

My life changed the day Marilyn asked me to join a Circle. I wasn’t sure what I was saying yes to and will be eternally grateful I took the leap of faith. Marilyn helped me see myself- the parts I love and the parts in shadow- all without shame. Through Circle work she has helped me deepen my trust in relationships with other women, modeling how to work through the jealousy, envy, and rivalry that often brings relationships down. I have been graced by the gentle holding that happens in Circle as we laugh and cry and learn. Marilyn’s courageous and gentle mentoring helps me to be the peacemaker so desperately needed in these turbulent times.
Jeanne Browning, MS, APN, CS-BC, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, HTCP


It’s simple. Marilyn saved my life. I was so far down I had to look up to see the ground. First, I learned how to survive but we didn’t stop there. Now I’m loving my life. I wake up with joy (yes, joy) in my heart and I truly live each day to the fullest.

Michele Blazier, Woodstock, IL

Working with Marilyn has transformed me and led me down the path of self discovery. She is a kind and nurturing guide on the road to living in your true, authentic self. I have worked with her both one on one and in Circle and she has helped me tremendously. Marilyn’s compassion is reflected in her guidance as she makes the process much less overwhelming. She has made finding myself an awesome journey that I look forward to everyday.
Kristina Nemetz, Crystal Lake, IL

As a member of the current Safe Danger Circle, I have to say it has been a life-changer for me. I have experienced the most transformational work within myself as well as with watching other women during this time. I have given myself the greatest gift of all by showing up every time Circle meets and I appreciate all of the wisdom Marilyn imparts during each session. How to define Circle? Almost impossible until you get there…… and when you do, you know you have finally come home to yourself. 

Allison Stevens Dredge

Circle has definitely been a game changer for me. Life before Circle was mostly about blame or things happening to me. Life after Circle is about owning my shit! Me leading myself so that I am able to participate in the world without blaming, excuses and faults. The world is lucky to have you and all of your Circle knowledge. I know I am!
Kris Hayden

I am a long term participant in Marilyn’s Circles. I cannot imagine my life without the support, learning and heartfelt connection that I have experienced in Circle. This work has encouraged me to dive deep, giving me knowledge, tools, experience and support to help heal my mind, body and spirit. Through this work, I have been able to get a much deeper sense of who I am, and who I am not. Through this work I have found my voice and the ability to make profound positive changes to the trajectory of my life. I am delighted to be a participant in Safe Danger. I am inspired to be learning from Marilyn the leadership aspect of Circle work on a deeper level, and looking forward to doing my part in bringing this life changing work and its potential profound impact for others into this world.
Chris Howard

Participating in Marilyn’s circle work changed my life. Actually it saved my life, and I was honored to be a part of it. Her wisdom is the connecting force of becoming!
Debbie Birchfield

Marilyn/ I bow to you as you are such a giving force. I feel so blessed to have been a member of you women’s circles.
Sue Briesch


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