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Discovery Work

This process is distinct from psychotherapy in that there are no defined goals or outcomes, nothing to be fixed or solved. What remains is a deepening of attention to recognize what has been there all along, often unseen, obscured by the intensity of modern living: the truth and the answers you have been searching for.

Marilyn utilizes an integrative model that is grounded in solid clinical training and bridges contemporary and ancient ways of healing, including energy methods (Guided Imagery, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Evolutionary Astrology. She works in close and constant collaboration with her clients to develop a discovery plan that makes sense for them, their time and their finances while considering the complexity of the human psyche.

Whether in Private Practice, Circle meetings, Astrological Consulting or Women’s Leadership Training, her work is informed by her learning in, and integration of, the emergent neurosciences, quantum physics theory, contemporary nutrition research, and relational-cultural psychology that are expanding the understanding of human’s being and human’s behavior.

Within a well established and respected community of professionals in all fields, the client is well seen and cared for as she maintains authorship of the plan forward into her personal definition of optimal health.

Individual Discovery Work is $165 / 60 minute session. I no longer accept insurance but can provide you with a receipt that you can file with your insurance carrier.

Picking Up Stones – The Pilgrimage (2009)

This was an eight day Circle retreat to Cornwall, England. The design was distinctive as it involved a focused experience in those places where the energy of the Divine Feminine remains and is honored. The journey was one of self-discovery within a community of women. The itinerary invitation was to sit with each other as our ancestors did and experience the invisible power that acts upon a Circle with an intention of supporting our differences and raising our collective consciousness.

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