About Marilyn Dam-Rabolt

I have a background in conventional psychotherapy, Holistic Nursing, Energy Psychology, Women’s Leadership training, Feminine Spirituality, and Circle development, mentoring and consulting. These skills in addition to Evolutionary Astrology provide the backbone of my work.

For 30+ years I have devoted my life to helping women through the development of self- awareness skills and self-management abilities. I believe that the less responsibility we assume, the less power we possess. If we have little regard for our own needs and feelings there is a greater risk that we will violate the rights and concerns of others.

Resulting from years of collaborating and leadership training I have been participating in, designing, and facilitating Circles that are grounded in the principles of relational-cultural models, diversity dynamics, intra- and interpersonal development and understanding female leadership style and dynamics. I am dedicated to facilitating collaborative, experiential learning journeys that focus on a woman’s individuation process. I am deeply committed to aide in strengthening the bonds between women by understanding how we get in trouble with each other and how we can build a bridge back.

When sleeping women wake,  mountains move.
– Chinese Proverb

For 30+ years I have been involved in the work of leadership development for women and the continuing development of a female identified group dynamics theory. I am a co-founding member of Circle U, a collaboration project with 4 other women whose mission is developing experiential learning communities for women that are structured for personal growth, leadership skills training for self and others while increasing consciousness that reaches out into the community.

It is through these modalities that I invite others to develop their leadership voice and authority by integrating and invoking the wisdom of mind, body and spirit. I am committed to supporting women of all ages and in all walks of life in finding their innate female power.

I do what I can to listen to my own lectures and have the good grace to be surrounded with people who will remind me if I don’t.

I have also lived a long time.

“Bowing to my teachers, I offer this work in the service of the good of the whole.” (Alexandra Merrill)


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